Thursday, April 2, 2009

DORMOUSE: Everyone's got a price

Yeah, I may be a dormouse who had one too many mind-erasers at the bar with my buddies. But so what, FUP? I posed in a compromising position on a fucking flower. Big deal. We’re in a down economy, and I got bills to pay.

But check out this photo. OH. EM. GEE. I have 3 words for you: ANNE FUCKING GEDDES.



This so-called photographer has made a fortune from juxtaposing innocent newborns donning condoms on their heads with various botanical species. At least I don’t look like a poop pellet being squeezed out of a flower-like ANUS in my modeling debut. How’s that for some blue steel, muthafucka?

P.S. You can Derelict my balls, FUP.

In response to FUP's "I Actually Feel Bad For This Guy" on 3/26/09.


  1. hhahahah that p.s. is epic!!

  2. Um, this isn't nearly as funny as FU Penguin. It's actually kind of pathetic that you're taking the exact same content and writing stuff that isn't nearly as clever. You should really just leave well enough alone; it's not working for you. I guess the Internet doesn't have the same copyright laws as other media yet, which is unfortunate in this case.